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Tomato is OK and refrigerant store.

Tomato is OK and refrigerant

1. refrigerates a law

Mature tomato is better in cold storage of ℃ of 2 ~ 4, 10 can keep fresh between the day with nutrition. If temperature is too low, tomato can lose taste, can decay because of frostbite very quickly.

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” gas, make place the vegetable inside and fruit maturity, shorten their expiration period, had better be alone so save or use last film is packed.

2. quick-freeze law

After buying, clean, the surface is dry, put food bag, put freezer freezer compartment.

It is in freezer, can be in winter defrost, can cooking. It is delicate nutrition.

Tomato is OK and refrigerant

3. does ketchup

After buying, clean, the surface is dry, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Choose large bottle, cut tomato agglomerate, put bottle into steam box, boil 20 minutes, lid extraction heat tightens lid, take out shady and cool place and memory umbrage, without vegetable, fry, soup is a very right choice, very delicious.

4. does tomato to work

Do tomato to work with oven, before eating, immerse first.

Tomato, formal name calls a tomato, it contains the nutrition of rich diversity already, having beautiful and attractive appearance; again flavour of the beautiful in its since dish, it is fruit is Sino-US article, have a variety of use, be called the fruit in magical dish.

Tomato is OK and refrigerant

Tomato uses disappear heat satisfy one’s thirst to be able to be rivalled with watermelon. However, the content of C of the vitamin in tomato is equivalent to 10 times of watermelon about however. And because have the protection of organic acid, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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In keep in storage and cooking process, the vitamin C that it contains is destroyed not easily again, human body utilization rate is very high. Accordingly, often have tomato, scorbutic to cure, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Quick sex purpura, cold cicatrizations with stimulative cut, have heavyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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