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Fujian, people is preferred drink small intestine boiling water, taste is very good. So, what is the practice of soup of Fujian small intestine after all?

What is the practice of soup of Fujian small intestine?

Advocate makings:

Small intestine 500g

Complementary makings: Sweet green is right amount salt, right amount anise, right amount cassia bark


1. small intestine is cleaned clean,

2. is put into boiled water to cross boiled water to go flavour,

3. is cleaned again cut paragraph,

4. is put into voltage boiler to add clear water, anise, cassia bark, ginger,

5. high pressure 40 minutes,

6. stews good small intestine to open a lid to put bit of salt,

7. is burned again, scatter on onion powder can

What is the practice of soup of Fujian small intestine?

Recommend a few kinds to you classical

1 rice water boils small intestine, the congee that boil when put some of water more, the rice water after been boil is taken out reserve, small intestine is washed clean, rice water is put in boiler, not too stiff, but also fasten · of · of too rare · , wait for boil of the rice water in boiler, small intestine is cut paragraph, put, it is good to boil 1 minute, small intestine is very easy ripe, boil long old. Join salt, gourmet powder, rice wine, favorite word still can knock an egg flower, put bit of onion.

2 kelpA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Small intestine Bao

Small intestine is abluent, put iron in boiler, more classical is small intestine knot puts bowl again in, such shells are beautiful, and very fragile, float one minute, wait for small intestine to finalize the design fish out, put into Bao boiler next, join kelp and ginger, stew ripe, put salt and gourmet powder, cooking wine.

What is the practice of soup of Fujian small intestine?

Bao of 3 soya bean small intestine

Practice and Bao of kelp small intestine are similar, but chop can be joined when protecting, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls, the mouthfeel that such doing come out is particularly full-bodied.

Soup of 4 sweetgrass small intestine

This is the Hakkas classical, but sweetgrass is bad to buy, naughty have on treasure sell, oneself search boiling water of next sweetgrass small intestine, small intestine is washed clean, put fry in boiler, add water next, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Boil, such soup are stewed come out to be able to bleach, put into boiler to stew, etc small intestine is fragile soft when join a few herb, salt, gourmet powder, soup is very sweet thick, have very distinctive herbaceous sweet smell.

The 5 bittern small intestine that boil

This is northward characteristic, taste is heavier, but had not been soup, it is small intestine and pork liver, pig abdomen is put in boiler together, heat to eat at the same time at the same time, soupSh1 of Shanghai Long Feng forumShanghai night net

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It is the thick gravy that does with flavor soy cooking wine.


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