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The fruit that often sees, because hawkthorn taste compares acid, it is one kind suits appetizing fruit very much so. If everybody feels hawkthorn is too acerbity, still can join right amount rock candy to counteract acidity. And besides basic method, hawkthorn vinegar also is special suffer people gay, acid is sweet goluptious, can attract everybody’s appetite more, can get especially of female friend love. So, acetic bubble hawkthorn is put on the iceFall in love with the sea

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What is the effect of candy?

The effect of rock candy of acetic bubble hawkthorn

The practice measure of hawkthorn vinegar

1, prepare bright hawkthorn, clean abluent, carry those who rot. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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2, become hawkthorn make friends 4 valve – 5 valve.

3, water conflagration is added to boil 20-30 in putting bowl minute.

4, go to hawkthorn juice nucleus, leave broken bits to add syrup. Pol cannot exorbitant, lest restrain microbial grow.

5, put in 20 ℃ – the place of 25 ℃ undertakes fermenting, juice, broken bits is taken out after 7 days child, adding syrup, undertake the 2nd times fermenting.

6, put temperature this 36 ℃ of 35 ℃ ~ , activity of bacterium of advantageous acetic acid. 2-3 finish inside the month ferment completely process.

7, acetic nature static put 2 months, treat major the flesh of fruit after bottom of drossy sank crock, take upside to clarify fluid, with glassNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Container has been installed.

8, hawkthorn vinegar is damask or flaxen. If acetic acidity is too big, unwell and accrete feed, add cold water dilute, in order to contain 3% acetic acid advisable. Still must add 1% ~ in vinegar the salt of 2% , in order to increase gust and anticorrosive capacity.

The effect of rock candy of acetic bubble hawkthorn

The effect of hawkthorn vinegar and action

1, a variety of mineral elements such as a variety of amino acid that the organic acid that 10 kinds of above contain in fruit vinegar and human body place need and Potassium, zinc metabolize inside body hind can make basic material, can prevent haemal acidification, achieve adjust soda acid balance, eliminate exhaustion.

2, contain in hawkthorn fruit vinegar can promote quantity of blood stream of cardiovascular dilate, coronary artery to increase, the 3 terpene that produce step-down result kind material and yellow ketone composition, have effect of prevention and cure to a variety of diseases such as thrombus of fat of hypertensive, tall blood, head, arteriosclerosisShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The effect of rock candy of acetic bubble hawkthorn

3, hawkthorn fruit vinegar has appetizing disappear to feed, solution barkeeper liver enhances the immune power of airframe, prevent cancer to fight cancerous action.

4, the effect that hawkthorn fruit vinegar has the diminish inflammation that fight bacterium, prevention and cure to catch a cold. Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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5, the volatile material in hawkthorn fruit vinegar and amino acid effect that has exciting brain nerve center, have the effect that develops intelligence.

6, often vinegar of edible hawkthorn fruit, can make the skin bright and clean and delicate, furrow decreases, appearance is moist and white. Vinegar of fruit of long-term and drinkable hawkthorn has effect reducing weight.


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