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The respect of food of majority of National People’s Congress of southern region pays attention to hemp quite hot, because hemp hot, OK and appetizing, can match againLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
Rice, dispute often suffers person gay, need special attention on the choice with hot hemp nevertheless, hemp is hot the way that has a lot of is exquisite, the food that also has a lot of is, more welcome is fish of hemp hot braise in soy sauce, the impression that braise in soy sauce lets a person is sweet salty, but the braise in soy sauce with make it hot hempShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
The meeting on mouthfeel is better.

The practice encyclopedia of fish of hemp hot braise in soy sauce

Advocate makings

Carp 500 overcome

Complementary makings

Oily right amount salt right amount

Gallinaceous essence right amount soy is right amount

Green paragraph, chopped green onion right amount ginger is right amount

Duan Kuo of any of several hot spice plants of right amount chop, dry chili measures mashed garlic, garlic bolt

Chinese prickly ash is right amount sweet rice lees is right amount

The practice measure of fish of hemp hot braise in soy sauce

1.Above all, piscine paunch abluent, with cooking wine, Jiang Si, souse. Had cut burden reserve.

2.Next, edible oil goes up to come in boiler burn heat, put the fish the deepfry in boiler, to scamper ripe gold yellow has pot, outfit dish reserve aside.

3.Again next, proper edible oil is put in boiler, green paragraph, silk of mashed garlic, garlic bolt, ginger, chopForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Any of several hot spice plants, dry chili paragraph, Chinese prickly ash breaks up into boiler fry spill over to fragrance, again will sweet rice wine falls, add right amount water, continue to break up fry, put essence of salt, chicken to flavor next.

4.Finally, the sauce that has burned makings soup juice is irrigated to beforehand on the fish with good blast, burn soup juice cook again heat again1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
, irrigate soup juice again, relapse for many times soup juice tasty can. ScatterLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
Go up chopped green onion, caraway can edible.

The practice encyclopedia of fish of hemp hot braise in soy sauce

Fish of braise in soy sauce


Fish, jiang Mo, garlic powder, chopped green onion, caraway, often smoke, vinegar, cooking wine, candy, salt


1. goes to the fish splanchnic, fish is branchial, cut off piscine fim, piscine end, in piscine body two sides each cut a few inclined where a thing can be put to best use; The water blot that gets on the fish personally as far as possible with kitchen paper next

Oil is put to make an appointment with 50g inside 2. boiler, the fish is put when waiting for 6 heat, one side decoct comes golden when search an area, wait for when other one side is golden also the fish fill dish

A few oil takes inside 3. boiler, put powder of chopped green onion, Jiang Mo, garlic to explode sweet, enter 1/2 spoon vinegar, 1/2 spoon cooking wine, 2 spoon often are smoked, a bowl of 1/4 spoon candy, a few salt, water

The fish with good decoct is put when 4. waits for the water inside boiler to be burned, small fire stews half hours slow, next conflagration receives soup to install dish, scatter on caraway

Small hang

It is OK that branchial, fish fim and piscine end cut off 1. general fish purify fishlike smell

Before 2. is stewing a fish piscine fry in shallow oil one decoct, after stewing, cruelly oppress compares close fact.

Fish of bean curd braise in soy sauce

The practice encyclopedia of fish of hemp hot braise in soy sauce


Fish a bean curd stripping and slicing 12 green paragraph 3 the head of garlic 10 chili are inclined cut half Jiang Pian 6 sauce wine half cups of rice wine half cups of cold boiled water half cups of white vinegar a few of balm of 1 big spoon is white peppery and right amount candy 1 small spoon


Sauce first mix up reserves (sauce: Soy / rice wine / cold boiled water / a few white vinegar / balm / Bai Hu any of several hot spice plants / ) of a few candy. Small fire turns after boiler burns heat, do not cheer first, issue Jiang Pian directly (Jiang Pian doing is burned, wipe in boiler can prevent touch boiler)

Decoct fish: Dial Jiang Pian aside, cheer, small fire turns after oily heat, put the fish bowl midpoint, bean curd is orderly put either side, in using, fish of small fire simmer in water is mixed bean curd. After bosseyed decoct is good, search fish and bean curd carefully face add simmer in water, mix the head of garlic / part of very light blue a decoct

The 2nd also after decoct is good, the conflagration in join sauce and turning (fish and bean curd need not search an area again, usable spoon drenchs sauce in piscine body can) issue chili and sauce of; of light green part to be burned next receive juice a bit but not too (sauce mixes the meal exceeds appetizing) it is OK that; is finished so having pot


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