Ke Jie 20 years old of birthday are happy! 4 coronals are in firm start off of legend of hand battle AlphaGo

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s happy! Are 4 coronals in: of origin of firm start off of legend of hand battle AlphaGo?  ?2017-08-03 08:52 Http://

On August 2, clean of the first person stalking or branch greets world go 9 paragraphs oneself birthday of 20 years old, still lie when 20 years old of most person confused when the adolescence with impulse, chinese Ke Jie has 4 worlds champion however, grade cent world上海夜网论坛

is ranked the first, finish chess big fight 3 times with artificial intelligence AlphaGo. Letting what the person feels more mysterious is, these achievement are to be in 20 years old before finish, although we know to become famous,want before it is too late, dan Kejie also uses the action to prove, he is not what the world goes is outstanding talent, 20 years old just are life another phase, alleged 4 coronals are not terminus, legend firm start off.

Become professional chess player from 2008, ke Jie began the brigade of conquer, surround armour to 上海夜网

2014 to surround armour league matches to create 18 new records of Lian Sheng from 2013, thereby amaze the people with a single brilliant fea上海夜网论坛

t, and world of cup of the 2nd lark surpassed Qiu Jun of the conquer in bureau of finals decide the issue of the battle publicly 2015, become first world champion, and the Ke Jie at that time or the elegant teenager that resent 18 years old.

Altar of chess of scan widely world, how many the shooting star shines and pass, when because this is become,horizontal stroke of clean stalking or branch is born for nothing, a lot of people can not expect him to much your work is. However by 2015, ke Jie gains the championship more when SamSung cup is beaten, become China 90 hind king of double coronal of chess player first place, triumphal footstep stops no less than coming namely, next Korea were taken with always dividing 3-2 in 5 chesses final in January 2016 Li Shishi of one elder brother 9 paragraphs, win championship of dream lily cup while, also become the youngest 3 coronals king on go history.

Be worth what carry is, even if be to take 3 hats, desire of triumph of clean stalking or branch and motivation also did not call the least bit discount, harvested an individual in December 2016 pot of champion of the 4th world, 4 hats are taken 20 years old ago, become the youngest world contest 4 coronals king. This achievement has many marvelous, what do not know Ke Jie without contrast is fierce, want to know, once world go Li Changgao of the first person, the world champion cup that takes cup of negotiable securities of two Dong Yang nevertheless when greeting birthday, and there is cup of champion of a world only when Li Shishi enters 20 years old.

Of course, cannot maintain future of clean stalking or branch to be able to surmount Li Shishi He Lichang at this point pick, but be in 20 years old at least before, ke Jie is over absolutely get the better of great mind of these two go. Did not forget, ke Jie still creates China to surround armour league matches to cross sports season 18 Lian Sheng records, world go contest 14 Lian Sheng records, in grade cent play a game of chess hold white 34 Lian Sheng is indefectible, and still realize formal contest this year 22 Lian Sheng’s great exploit, champion of go of the national games was taken during this.

If just take world champion and creation a few records, ke Jie of 20 years old just is to take report to conquer we, dan Kejie tells world, he still has face a strong opponent castiron fight and hold one’s head high forward courage, know perfectly well beat rival hard, but dare to meet head-on, dare to shine bravely before adversary sword.



This year May, ke Jie and artificial intelligence AlphaGo launch chess big fight 3 times, although score is 0-3, ke Jie did not take a victory, but was defeated by the match to win popular feeling, common people admires Ke Jie’s courage, and the author of DeepMind breaths out Sabisi, praise Ke Jie expression of the 2nd bureau is perfect, push AlphaGo to the limit.

After conveying artificial intelligence, ke Jie not only did not come to trough, be in instead with human chess kind the chess player is right definitely in do not know to lose chess taste, finish formal contest 22 Lian Sheng’s records, he says or be opposite with human chess player definitely good, actually, he is to want to prove facing human him chess player is how doleful invincibly.

20 years old of birthday, ke Jie changes head portrait of individual socialization media erupted simultaneously a chain of expression, gu Li and birthday of clean of Lian Xiaozhu blessing stalking or branch are happy, be born fast fast, forward oneself target and dream, continue hard. If say the chess player is blessed is polite formula, the netizen forms a delegation beatific more is to adore, before breath stops, your legend always stops ceaselessly. The teenager of high-spirited and vigorous, assist, want to marry you really.

If 4 coronals king, grade divides world contest the world the first, world go contest 14 Lian Sheng, formal contests the 22 records such as Lian Sheng, it is a chess player that is about to retire is finished, we also want to greet to him, however however out firm bully gas teenager of 20 years old, shake namely besides prostrate, no less than character of place of a netizen, he just 20? I know he is small, but I just know he is so small today.

Successful? Actually Ke Jie ability firm start off, although he is not the adversary of AlphaGo, but inside human category, he still still has a lot 上海贵族宝贝交流区

of targets and achievement need to finish and conquer, even if everything is sealed, although make public of his individual character, but we have reason to believe the successful life of clean stalking or branch and legend career are firm,pull open prelusive, the Ke Jie that also is willing to see a bully gas appears carries the big banner that removes Chinese go.

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