Vive edition ” float ” fail as scheduled put on sale still needs more time to make

The father Adam Orth of ThreeOneZero realizes they plan to let ” float ” (ADR1FT) the bottom lands the plan of Vive VR and did not become reality in May. Want to let make the word that runs smoothly on Vive originally, they still need more time: This is for much burnish a few content, let Vive and ” float ” combination passes more special VR experience.

Of Vive edition ” float ” the body sense controller that also will support Vive, in this game nevertheless the operation of controller is not body sense to operate. Thinking so in the brandish in reality your both hands can let the part in game brandish both hands. Orth is so say:

Nevertheless we are studying a few distinctive methods will come true ” float ” the body sense control in Vive edition. We still will continue to leak new information for everybody, at the same time we also will ” float ” popularize Steam platform.

” float ” Vive edition will support handle of Vive controller, Steam and other game handle. Do not have in the date of put on sale by May at present the manufacturer still is done not have after implementation announce date of new put on sale, we still will continue to hold attention.


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