” demon animal ” film London first show: Preterhuman aid a Jia Luo Na to show beautiful back

Demon animal film held premiere in London today, film demon animal is much advocate achieve present conduct propaganda, more invite came bright red recently big Cavell regards violet preterhuman Henry as the film super VIP comes on stage to be built for the film situation, for a short while over red carpet starlight Yi Yi!

Right, the person that this new Ren Chao’s person is acted is player of lever of iron of world of animal of a demon absolutely! He ever spoke of in interview invite in what receive a director when acting preterhuman phone, he is being hit ” demon animal world ” . The problem is this game cannot suspend also cannot be being saved, so he also almost within an inch of misses this opportunity. After hanging a phone, ran on his stair in the home several make a round trip, I feel I resemble a child at that time. Next, he used 45 minutes to be in alone will decide this issue is true, think oneself can mad drop. Although receive,invite perform preterhuman phone to still can be hit at the same time ” demon animal world ” absolutely demon animal loves pink really!


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