Associate announce the first batch of VR PC and Laohuang Ying Weida to undertake cooperative

HP, dai Er, extraterrestrial, hua Shuo and small bit with Oculus VR or HTC Vive collaboration rolls out special PC. Oculus Rift head wears indication equipment to have program of his Oculus Ready PC, HTC Vive fabricant has a simple VR Ready to optimize. Still a famous manufacturer still enters VR machine without experience, associate namely. After as much home company and GPU manufacturer Yingwei amounts to collaboration to announce first his special PC, the circumstance differred now, associated to also be joined.

Go up in congress of recent technology of Ying Weida GPU (California, san Jose) , the ThinkStation P500 that associate, p710 and P910 add series of Quadro of tie-in Ying Weida VR PC column. In exhibit on the meeting, p500 uses moving Oculus and HTC Vive. In associate in light of the daily record that the government issues, the company can be in not only game domain somewhat movement, still have there is the operation in commercial side.

Prospective VR can change how many industry is to the log of infinite likelihood goes up so write. VR platform provides the installation experience of the machine to researcher, the product is duplicate, researcher can control a machine, operation ability is enhanced in true application. Building an aspect, engineering field and factory compose build an aspect, the solution can let VR 1 what expert freedom ambulates to build in their compose: In 1 model, strengthen communicate and group collaboration ability. – reduce design funds, shorten the time that enters the market.


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