” legend is lasting ” COS direct seeding detonates bit of game goddess plum all is perfect and reductive

” legend is lasting ” yesterday in blaze of intense of exposure of whole journey of direct seeding platform female rabbi of COS of goddess plum all, detonate nearly 100 thousand players to be surrounded at the same time for a time view. Now, small make up share COSPLAY to decide with everybody for a short while makeup according to, the Gao Leng of perfect and reductive female rabbi is temperamental.

On old Ma law mainland, spirit of contain of all without exception of earth of the land of country is angry, among them 4 bounds clever stage is taken, chain of mountains is continuous rise and fall, white snow zenith is amounted to on, green jade comes below deep and serene pool, more accumulate contain strange unreal boundless, be place of dragon arteries and veins. Somebody of according to legend appears concealed of mystery of heaven and earth to repair refine chiliad into government office of pool bottom hole to join, break through laic human body, often do not die, get the way of water, fire, thunder eventually, just about wisdom person way spirit, spirit of way of numerous child follow repairs after this magic arts of be used to, get blackart secret eventually, become walk at worldly, the hand is grasped operate destroy a day to destroy the rabbi of the force of the ground!

Rabbi is legend series is classical one of 3 professions, in ” legend is lasting ” in still have powerful blackart capacity, its are arrogant and callous and the transcendental temperament that does not eat terrestrial cooked food duplicates hard. Classical model that invites rabbi of COS of goddess plum all, as the nova that from TV contest exceeding a standard walks out of, whether perfect control of female rabbi only beautiful temperament, let our wait and see what happens.


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