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The constitution development of children had be notted perfect, the body a lot of conditions and adult are endless and identical. If each organ function is weaker, strength of skeletal hardness, sarcous is smaller than growing up, joint is softer than growing up, function of heart, lung also because of not development is perfect and opposite poorer, get used to ability to athletic bear consequently poorer also. Accordingly, the motion that is not person of all comfortable synthesis suits as muchFall in love with the sea

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The parent knows surely! The child that 5 kinds of motion let you is long not tall (1)

5 kinds of motion make the child long not tall

Unfavorable undertake intensity crosses big long-distance race

Some him parents everyday early morning likes experienced long-distance running, also pulling a few years old of big children to run together, this is incorrect. Because children is in,grow growth phase, muscle is fore-and-aft develop, muscle strength is poor, intensity crosses big long-distance race to make muscle easily fatigue, influence sarcous is normal development.

On the other hand, children heart is lesser, contractive force is weaker, add children bosom outline small, lung connects tolerance also small, the ability that absorb oxygen is poor. The long-distance race with too great strength will be aggravating burden of its heart lungs, create aerobic in short supply. Accordingly, children long-distance running not only the energy that supplies airframe place to want to use up hard, and grow what can affect children normally development. In addition, ability of the heat-resisting of children, cold-resistant is poorer, hot days is easy desudation, leng Tianrong easy catch cold catch cold catchs a cold. Morning is experienced must special attention enrages lukewarm change.

Anyhow, children long-distance running, should do according to one’s abilities, successive, ability rises to exercise the effect. Think commonly, 12 years old of the following children run every time Cheng is unfavorable more than 1000 meters, the speed that run also shoulds not be too fast. Shanghai noble baby

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Unfavorable often tug-of-war

“Unplug turnip ” it is the children’s song that the story that child of each nursery school knows, metropolis sings almost, and tug-of-war also often is the activity that the child likes.

When tug-of-war, child body or hind admire, or pitch, or sideways, limb is maintained forcibly in what secure locally, especially when two teams are in match each other in strength, often want the time with last proper. The bone of cheeper and joint are very delicate, get hurt easily and be out of shape, in tug-of-war the movement with this kind of great strength falls, muscle of child whole body is in persistent nervous condition, need uses up many oxygen and nutritionLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Material, often can bring about demand exceeds supply and anoxic. Be in anoxic below the circumstance, not only muscle easy exhaustion, and go against sarcous normal growth. Additional, tug-of-war wants constantly durative choke with resentment, the influence has the breath of section law, bring about a painstaking effort quantity to decrease, create the situation that cardiac output is reduced and cardiac muscle burden increases abruptly. Below this kind of circumstance, heart and cerebra can appear provisionality is short of blood, serious person likelihood happening faints.

Accordingly, tug-of-war is not to suit a of cheeper regular motion.


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